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The 30th Ohio Volunteer Infantry was organized at Camp Chase near Columbus, Ohio, on the 28th of August 1861. After receiving clothing, arms, and equipment, the regiment took to the field but two days later, on the 30th of August. Moving quickly via rail transport, the regiment was in Benwood, Virginia by the 31st, and thence on to Clarksburg by the 2nd of September. 

Joining Rosecrans’ army at Sutton, Va. On the 6th, four companies (D, F, G, and I) were detached to garrison duty. Two companies (C and E), were left at Big Birch Bottoms. The remainder of the regiment (Co.’s A, B, H, and K) moved with the army to Carnifex Ferry, where they fought a sharp engagement. The enemy withdrew during the night, across the ford to Sewell Mountain. The men of the 30the claimed  a stand of colors, left behind in the enemy  works. After sparring with the rebel forces for a time, the regiment went in to winter quarters at Fayetteville on the 14th of November, occupying deserted houses. On the 25th of December, 1861,with all of the companies returned, the regiment held it’s first dress parade.

At noon on the 17th of April, the 30th learned of a Confederate attack on the Federal troops at Giles Court House. Dropping their knapsacks, the regiment hurried off to the support of their comrades.  In five hours they marched a distance of twenty miles, joining up with the 23rd Ohio at Narrows of New River. The enemy had blocked further passage, and the regiment remained here until the 17th of May. Provisions were in short supply, and for a period of eight days rations consisted of one cracker and a bit of coffee and sugar for each man.

The boys fell back to Princeton, and camped on the top of Great Flat Top Mountain on the 19th. Being without tents and equipment, the men stripped bark from large chestnut trees for constructing shelters.

On the 16th of August, the 30th started off to join Pope’s army in eastern Virginia. On the 19th they arrived they arrived in Brownstown on the Big Kanawha river, having marched 95 miles in three and one half days. They were happy to be out of the mountains, and they were now hardened veterans.

Joining the right wing of Pope’s army on the 23rd of August, the 30th went into camp at Warrenton Junction, Va. On the 3rd of September they then joined their Brigade, Robertson’s, in the army’s left wing. During the battle of 2nd Bull Run the brigade came under heavy artillery bombardment, but conducted themselves well while advancing through the barrage, being cited in General Robertson’s report.

 On the 14th of September, the 30th was at South Mountain, and engaged the enemy in a fierce fire-fight, The Confederates were behind a stone fence, and the lads wire forced to assault their position across an open meadow. As the 30th charged, the enemy advanced from their position behind the wall. A short melee ensued, with our boys carrying the field. As a result of this action, the Confederate commander commended their bravery. Following the action on South Mountain, the 30th moved on to fight again at Antietam, three days later…

...after Antietam, The 30th returned to Western Virginia. In January, 1863 they moved to join Sherman’s XV Corps, and fought at
Vicksburg. From there they marched and fought throughout the South, and with Sherman on his march to the sea


Company B of the thirtieth was organized by Captain David Cunningham, at Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio, in the month of July, 1861. From Cadiz, the company marched to Camp Chase Columbus, a distance of one hundred and thirty miles, where it arrived in camp on the 30th of July. The company was mustered into the service of the United States on the fourteenth of August, by Captain Howard Stambury. The original muster roll bears the names of three commissioned officers, thirteen NCO’s, and sixty-seven privates.


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